Water Testing and Treatment Solutions

Water Testing and Treatment Solutions

Most Council's require that domestic water supplies meet the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards.   If a potable water supply is not available, a code of compliance will not be issued for a new dwelling.

Agricultural Consulting Services provides a independent sampling analysis through an accredited laboratory.  These results can often be confusing to the client and we can therefore assist with interpretation of the results and provide advice and solutions to ensure the potable supply meets the NZ drinking water standards.

Dairy shed contamination is another area that Agricultural Consulting Services specialises in providing testing, identification of contamination and finally treatment to ensure it meets industry standards.

Some common problems are bacteria, which is easily treated with Ultra Violet systems.  pH in-balance is also easily fixed with the installation of water nutrelisers which in turn prolongs the water cylinder life, eliminating staining of baths, vanities and shower and green discolouring of hair, (common in blonde hair going green).

We is an agent for water treatment products that are of the highest quality whilst still being affordable.

"Water quality is one of the main issues facing New Zealand, with our services and products you can be confident in drinking safe, healthy water"