Soil fertility analysis is an essential management tool for farmers to match the fertiliser inputs to their crop production requirements to ensure that they receive the most economic return fro their investment in fertiliser, whilst being environmentally sustainable.

soilFonterra has a requirement for all suppliers to prepare and submit nutrient budgets.  A soil analysis is the basis from which recommendations and applications are made to ensure that the nutrient budget balances.

Agricultural Consulting Services provides an independent, accredited soil sampling service, these samples are then analysed by a registered laboratory, from these results and consultation with the client a customised fertiliser recommendation report is provided to optimised production and dollar returns from your fertiliser applications.

Agricultural Consulting Services works within the New Zealand Fertiliser Manufacturers Research Association (NZFMRA) code of practise for the sustainable, effective and responsible use of fertiliser on a site specific basis.


"Agricultural Consulting Services is a certified Practising Agriculturalist (Cpag) and a member of the New Zealand Institute of Agricultural Science (NZAIS)"