Irrigation Development & Design

Irrigation Development & Design

Agricultural Consulting Services has become prominent company for Irrigation Development and Design throughout the greater Canterbury region and the South Island.

Working together with all Irrigation Companies or independently the company has developed extensive expertise and has been involved with a multitude of Irrigation Developments with individual farmers or Community Schemes.

irrigationUsing the latest Trimble GPS technology and AutoCAD design software they provide data capture for irrigation companies or  independent designs for Centre Pivots, Laterals, Rotor Rainers, Hard Hose Guns, K Line, La Pods or Fixed Sprinklers. They cover the full spectrum of irrigation.

Paddock design and layout are crucial when designing a property.  Factors as cow flow, paddock size, subdivision, water reticulation and environmental compliance are all considered when designing your property layout.  Agricultural Consulting Services will design the optimal paddock and water system for your property, then using Trimble RTK GPS will define fences and trough systems to centimetre accuracy.

Agricultural Consulting Services also provide comprehensive Topographical Surveys for water reticulation or irrigation feasibility on hill country.

"Agricultural Consulting Services offers advice on farm development and works closely with its clients to assist them with planning and project management"