GPS Farm Mapping

GPS Farm Mapping

Agricultural Consulting Services uses the latest technology to produce a farm map to meet the individual needs of their clients

A mapping technician upon consultation with the client using Trimble differentially corrected GPS collects data for each fenceline, junction and bends, all buildings, water troughs and hydrants, tracks and laneways, water ways, ponds, wells and mainline, powerlines and power cables, and all identifiable hazards.

gpsAfter differentially correcting the mapping data a draft map is drawn using AutoCAD software including accurate total and effective paddocks areas.  Paddock numbers are then assigned.

This provides the client with a detailed accurate farm map which is an essential management tool for the efficient running and management of any property.

This map is now capable of being loaded into most management software packages such as Farm Keeper, P Plus, Cash Manager or Resolution.  Agricultural Consulting Services can further assist the client to streamline his management by providing tools such as map pads, map display boards and whiteboards.

"An Accurate Farm Map is the basis for every decision made on your farm"