Agricultural Consulting Services are specialists in DDT Residue Testing, our consultants are Fonterra Approved Samplers for Dairy Conversions and have been involved in the testing of the majority of dairy farms in the greater Canterbury since the company was formed.

ACS provides a confidential one stop service with sampling to the approved protocols, with Accredited Laboratory Analysis, providing a scaled map of the tested property and reporting of results and calculation of the weighted average to enable application to supply to the Dairy Companies.

We specialise in the sampling of Winter Feed paddocks, a test that every Dairy Grazier and Dairy Farmer should have to ensure that cows are not grazing on paddocks that will result in the milk from those cows incurring Milk Residue Penalties or in some cases the Dairy Company refusing to collect due to exceeding the food safety standards.   

Long term grazing of young livestock is another area to be aware of as if these young stock are grazed on high DDT land then they will be storing the DDT in the fat which will often lead to milk supply issues after the first calving.

Agricultural Consulting Services with its many years of experience is also available to advise on the management of DDT to ensure that any issues are resolved with minimum impact.